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FOX News
Jan 19, 2013 6:00pm EST
yourself. ask what you can do for your country, or franklin roosevelt, we have nothing to fear but fear itself. or abraham lincoln, with malice towards none in the civil war. it's almost as much the moment, the point we are in history and a president who rises to that moment, unites americans, touches the common spirit, as it is the skill of all my friends who are speech writers coming up with those memorable words. >> arthel: if it's that idea of touching our collective soul and make the best of the moment, as you would say is the best use of an inaugural speech, what do you think the american people want to hear in president obama's second inaugural speech on monday? >> you know, if you think back four years ago, the country was full of hope. it was a real celebration. it was an historic moment. we were maturitying our first african-american president. there was a sense that they were on the verge of a great time of hope. things are definitely different now. we've got a divided country. it's a less historic moment. we got a lot of folks still looking for jobs and can't find them. we'v
FOX News
Jan 22, 2013 8:00pm PST
by franklin roosevelt. they like social security. they like medicare. they think those programs made a difference. they think those programs benefited the country. every single election we have had in recent times have reinforced that ideal. >> bill: except for ronald reagan. 8 years of a guy who wanted to down size the government. >> here is where we may differ. i think ronald reagan called for reforms this those programs and certainly reforms are going to be necessary in those programs to make sure that we can afford them in the future. he did not repudiate them that is what is fundamental here. what the country rejects any kind of ratted dick call transformation. >> bill: romney didn't do that he didn't say he was going to cut medicare. all they want to do is basically privatize it for those who would voluntarily want to go into -- >> -- what romney was trying to do in the campaign was say that it was president obama who was trying to cut medicare. remember that. >> bill: that's a bunch of -- >> -- one of the reasons, go back to 2010. one of the reasons that i think that repu
Jan 20, 2013 10:00am EST
franklin roosevelt campaign team, was the first chairman of the securities and exchange commission, the first chairman of the maritime commission, the first irish-american to be ambassador to the court of st. james, to great britain. and the father of a president, and attorney general, a senator, the woman who did more to the mentally disabled in this country, in this world than anyone else, and who will, 100 years from now, be as well-known as her brothers i think. and the youngest, the ambassador to ireland who was instrumental in arranging peace, and senator edward kennedy, the longest-serving senator at his death in united states. the story of joseph kennedy is the story of a man who spent his life moving back and forth from outsider to insider, from outsider to insider. it is the story of an irish catholic who was not ashamed of his heritage, but refused to be defined by it. he was a third generation immigrants. his parents had been born in the united states. his grandparents had come here when they were young people. joseph p. kennedy cared little about the country his grandparent
Search Results 68 to 71 of about 146 (some duplicates have been removed)